Sorry, our talk is cancelled this time

Dear friends, we are sorry, but we have to postpone our talk till later in the year for reasons which are not in our control. Instead, we will conduct it later this year. We will refund the tickets.

We will still be present on Monday 25 Jan, 6:30 PM at the venue and will give more information about our events. The entrance is free.

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About the 8 types of prosperity

In a very practical manner, the talk will describe the 8 types of prosperity, which have been known since ancient times as Ashta Lakshmi. Ashta means 8, Lakshmi means the achievement of goals, whatever they are.

For each type of prosperity, the talk will explain in plain language and illustrate:

  • its meaning
  • what increases and enhances its qualities in us
  • what behavior blocks it

The 8 types are:

  • the knowledge of the self: who are you? why are you here? where did you come from and where will you go next?
  • material wealth
  • the ability to enjoy food, being free from illnesses which prevent you from taking various kinds of food
  • being victorious, the ability to succeed in both small and big things that you do
  • courage, overcoming worries, confidence of your future and the ability to face challenges and grow in life, not hiding behind lies
  • authority, the ability to command people
  • harmonious relationships, united family
  • achieving knowledge and skill at what you do


About the discourse

The discourse brings powerful practical knowledge that will help you to achieve success and prosperity in various areas of your life.

In a very practical manner, Mr Dushyant Savadia will share ancient knowledge of 8 types or sources of prosperity (Ashta Lakshmi in sanscrit). We will see how this ageless knowledge is all the more relevant in our days.

The talk is simple and practical, and easy to understand. You will feel that many things start falling in place. It connects various areas of our life together, and builds a strong foundation for your progress. It helps to:

  • see the big picture
  • develop an attitude supporting your growth in a confident and harmonious manner
  • see what blocks your success and remove that.

The talk is rich in examples, and covers areas as diverse as:

  • achieving the knowledge of yourself
  • overcoming fears and inner inhibitions
  • becoming free
  • removing obstacles in your work, small and big
  • achieving material wealth without compromising other values
  • what brings us luck or pushes it away
  • recognition and valuing what we have in life
  • achieving harmonious family relationship, united family
  • what helps us to build skills in what we do
  • achieving victory, completing big and small endeavors that we start
  • recognizing the sources of luck inside us
  • achieving the sense of security and courage to do things, not hiding behind lies
  • personal growth
  • the source of authority

The proceeds from the discourse will be donated towards the organization of World Culture Festival 2016 in Delhi.

About the speaker

Mr Dushyant Savadia is the International Program Director with the Art of Living Foundation, CEO and co-founder of Amber Connect Limited. He is a successful entrepreneur and humanitarian.


Relinquishing senior management positions at Xerox and Best Buy, Dushyant embarked on a journey to fulfill the Art of Living Foundation’s mission of creating a stress-free and violence-free society. Having met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder – Art of Living Foundation) and undergone a personal transformation, he became a Program Director for the Art of Living in 1999.

Travelling globally, he established the Art of Living in many countries in the Caribbean as a government social intervention tool to reduce crime and violence by undertaking massive projects into schools, gangs, inner city communities and prisons. His stress-management seminars and workshops through the Art of Living are commended by corporates and government institutions to bring productivity and leadership within their environment. His corporate seminars have benefited several management teams by providing tools and enhance skills that foster in employees greater energy and clarity of mind, a sense of connectedness to each other, and a passionate commitment to personal and team excellence.

Dushyant Savadia is the CEO and co-founder of Amber Connect Limited, an innovative tech solutions company headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. The company specializes in the development of IoT (Internet of Things) applications that are consumer centric, as well as enterprise customizable. Amber Connect’s team has an innate passion and drive to being instrumental in laying the foundation for a more secure global society. Significant portion of the profits fund diverse humanitarian projects of the Art of Living Foundation.

Travelling across continents, meeting heads of states and addressing international forums and large public gatherings, Dushyant shares the knowledge and wisdom with extraordinary clarity and passion combined with a commitment to support and uplift all those he comes in contact with.

About the organizers

The Art of Living Foundation is an international non-profit, non-government, volunteer-run organization known around the world for its educational and humanitarian programs. Its vision is stress free, disease free, and violence free world. This can be achieved by empowering the individual: if people are happy, then the entire society functions in a better way. Millions of people in 155 countries have benefited from Art of Living programs during its 35 years of service.

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