About the 8 types of prosperity

In a very practical manner, the talk will describe the 8 types of prosperity, which have been known since ancient times as Ashta Lakshmi. Ashta means 8, Lakshmi means the achievement of goals, whatever they are.

For each type of prosperity, the talk will explain in plain language and illustrate:

  • its meaning
  • what increases and enhances its qualities in us
  • what behavior blocks it

The 8 types are:

  • the knowledge of the self: who are you? why are you here? where did you come from and where will you go next?
  • material wealth
  • the ability to enjoy food, being free from illnesses which prevent you from taking various kinds of food
  • being victorious, the ability to succeed in both small and big things that you do
  • courage, overcoming worries, confidence of your future and the ability to face challenges and grow in life, not hiding behind lies
  • authority, the ability to command people
  • harmonious relationships, united family
  • achieving knowledge and skill at what you do



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